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Help us bring the bright and #ShowUsTheBird!

Entering to win a bird(s) of your choice is easy! You can scroll down or jump to the following sections:


Garden Girl NC has been an unexpected but amazing journey for me. Not only was I surprised by how many of you brought one of my birds into your own life and others, but how wonderful it has been to meet some of you - see pictures of your birds in action and learn about what they mean to you.

I feel like a community is starting to form - of people seeking to bring a little bit of brightness into each day. I think that's a beautiful thing and I want to encourage that.

- Zoe (a.k.a. Garden Girl NC)

What is #ShowUsTheBird?

Using the #ShowUsTheBird hashtag on Instagram or Facebook is a way for us to all connect and share our Garden Girl NC birds (our any bird if you don't have a Garden Girl NC bird) in their respective homes - thinking that if they bring you brightness, they can also bring it to others and THAT is a pretty awesome thing.

To get things started - it's Contest TIME!

How to participate?

I've created a contest that will run until 2/20/2021 at 8pm. There are a couple of ways to enter:

  1. Upload your picture above! You can enter as many times as you like and toggle between voting and entering.
  2. If you have a Public Facebook or Instagram: Every time you post on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ShowUsTheBird, you'll also be entered for a chance to win more Garden Girl NC birds of your choice.
  3. Post to the GardenGirlNC Facebook timeline and use the hashtag #ShowUsThe Bird.

Additionally, I'll re-post some of your posts on the GardenGirlNC Facebook and Instagram page, as well as add them as Inspiration on the Garden Girl NC site.

What if you don't have a bird? No worries! You can post a picture of birds in action around you and write a little bit about how they bring you brightness. Then add the hashtag #ShowUsTheBird.

Here's a quick video on how to enter:

View Entries and Vote ('Like') your Favorites

On the form at the top of this page, just click 'Vote' and the form will update to the gallery view.

What happens next?

The Campaign will run from January 20 - February 20. Every post will count as one entry. Entrants will be eligible to receive prizes as follows:

1. Fan Favorite First Place - The post with the most likes + shares as of February 20 at 8pm ET, will receive 3 birds of their choice.

2. Fan Favorite Second Place - The post with the second most likes + shares as of February 20 at 8pm ET will receive 2 birds of their choice.

3. Most Creative - The post that is the most creative, as decided via an impartial committee on February 20 at 8pm ET, will receive 2 birds of their choice.

4. Second Most Creative - The post that is the second most creative, as decided via an impartial committee on February 20 at 8pm ET, will receive 1 bird of their choice.

5. Two participants will be selected at random on February 20 at 8pm and will receive 2 birds of their choice.

 Click here to view the official contest rules.

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